A little bit of magic glue

Ok guys, I real like IFTTT as a little glue between multiple web apps, but sometimes this service is not good enough for my intensions. This is the moment in which I choose zapier.com (refferal link) to solve a specific task.

You need an example? Ok – one of my zaps filter photos on instagram and send me a notification, if a new photo is posted in a specific area. It sounds, like it is the probability to solve this task with IFTTT, but it isn’t, ‚cause I not want real all images. I filtered out some hashtags in the description **and** this is the real interesting thing: IFTTT can’t handle this kind! It’s simple impossible. I don’t know why the IFTTT devs do that, but they didn’t implement this little thing.

So if you search for something like IFTTT, but with a little bit more functionality: take a look over zapper.

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