Spotlight search and SMB protocol version 1

Hey guys, in the last days I work on a little problem in your school (for everybody who doesn’t know: so work as a sysop at a private school). Based on various points we mount our fileshares over SMB on our OS X machines.

Everything works fine except one thing: searching on files! The point is, that Apple’s Spotlight search can’t indexing SMB protocol v. 1. After some research I know why – Spotlight make a heavy use of extended file attributes, which are implemented in HFS+ and can be distributed over the Andrew File Protocol. Unfortunately I can’t upgrade the SMB transmission protocol to version two. If this would be possible, I can write a protocol extension for extended file attributes and everything will work fine in the future.

You can see the problem? To solve this little nasty problem I evaluate some replacements for file search
My first try was which I real like as an alternative launcher, but unfortunately uses the Spotlight index – same problem as described above. Another Option would be ExtremeZ-IP, but in my opinion this is little dirty solution in our case – absolutely impractical. The third option on my roadmap is DEVONSphere Express as a local solution on our OS X clients which offers besides a lot of other features indexing of network shares. After installing yesterday and long indexing times (I activated mail indexing also with about 60k archived mails in one of my account) I will give this tool a try. Maybe this can be a solution for our problem.

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